Functional Fitness Class

Strength and Metabolic Conditioning

Our INTENT Strength & Metabolic Conditioning classes include a wide variety of functional movements that can be modified to any fitness level. We are committed to providing proper instruction & coaching proper form and technique. The strength portion of class includes slower moving strength building exercises while the metabolic conditioning work includes higher intensity & dynamic movements. Everyone is guaranteed to get a great workout here.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Come in for a coached cycling workout. We’ll hook your bike up to our indoor computrainer and put you to work. First time riding indoors? Give us a call or stop by the shop and our couches will make sure you take the proper steps and have the proper equipment to start training.



Our facility has locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.


Two-Lane Pool

Come in during open-swim times, grab a pool punch card, or sign-up for private swim lessons with a INTENT coach.


Fitness Classes and Open Gym

Strength and Metabolic Conditioning

Indoor Cycling Classes

Meditation Classes

Run Classes

Swim Instruction

Open Ride Time

Open Gym Time

Open Swim Time