Can I try a class for free?

Absolutely, come check us out with your first class on us! Just click here  and choose “Free Class for New Members” and select the class you'd like to join.

What kind of classes do you offer at your gyms?

We offer Functional Strength, Indoor Cycling, Run Training & Meditation Classes at both of our facilities.  We also offer swim workouts & lessons at our Libertyville location.

What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer two options: Unlimited Monthly Memberships and Punch Cards

Our Unlimited Monthly Membership is just that; it includes unlimited classes and access to our open gym times. Discounts are available for families. 

We offer two types of class Punch Cards: strength/cycling and swim. 

All memberships and punch cards can be used at both INTENT facilities EXCEPT for swim punch cards, they are only available for use at our Libertyville location. 

What is “Functional Strength”?

Functional Strength is strength training that is designed to get your entire body strong and moving properly. Classes include a combination of a variety of workout styles and methods: high-interval training, power-lifting, AMRAPs, circuits, cardio, free-weights, etc. 

I am out of shape.  Can I train at your gym?

YES! Every class, every exercise, every movement is scalable to each client’s unique needs.  Our INTENT Coaches will always offer multiple options so that that everyone is challenged but stays safe when they are in our classes. All fitness levels are welcome in all of our classes with the prerequisite that you're walking in ready to work!

What workout can I expect in your INTENT Strength Classes?

Our strength classes are divided into 3 or 4 sections.

They all start with a dynamic warm up & mobility work to get you warmed up and moving properly.

Strength & Conditioning Classes then move onto a dedicated strength training section (where you will move weight at a controlled pace), followed by a Metabolic Conditioning portion where things get faster and calories get burned!

Metabolic Conditioning Classes have no dedicated strength training. The entire class is focused on moving weight, moving fast, and burning fat!

All classes finish with more mobility work, stretching and a cool down.

I am worried that I will get hurt in strength class. How can I make sure that I don’t get injured?

That is totally understandable, our strength classes are the real deal and we need you to work hard in order to gain fitness.  BUT…. our coaches will instruct and guide you to work at YOUR LEVEL, use proper form, and move properly before you add weight. You will only progress when you are ready and we decide when you are ready.  People get hurt in gyms when they are not coached properly and allowed to increase weight before they use proper form OR when they ignore their coaches and load on weight or try something they are not ready for.  You wouldn’t be able to hide from our INTENT Strength Coaches.

Tell me about your Indoor Cycling Classes.  What are those like?

Our Indoor Cycling classes are where you are guaranteed to get a great workout. You bring your own bike and we load it onto one of our trainers.  Your trainer is assigned to you and it loads the work specifically for you (and your level of fitness. A pro cyclist, a beginner rider and a kid could all be in the same class and each one would have their trainer adjust to their specific level of fitness.  It is that cool and that custom.

Once you are on your bike all you have to do is pedal and you WILL get a great workout because your trainer is controlled by our custom workout and it is changing the resistance as we prescribe.  The result of these classes is the right work at the right time adjusted to your fitness level. Don’t have a bike but want to try a class? Just ask to use one of our loaner bikes!

What should I wear to Strength Class?

Comfortable workout clothes that wont ride up if you bend over or jump around.  Gym shoes specifically that are specifially made for Functional STrength or CrossFit are recommended but not necessary.  

Do you have water? Towels?

Yes, at both of our gyms we have water for you to fill up your water bottle and small towels for gym or cycling class use.

What should I wear to bike class?

You absolutely should wear bike shorts (we have loaners if you need to borrow them and we of course sell them too!).   Some people wear cycling jerseys on top, others just wear regular workout shirts - just protect the bum, that is most important.

Do you have showers available?

We have great locker rooms at our Libertyville Location & you are very welcome to use them!  Unfortunately we don’t have them yet at our Woodridge Location.