John Bowie

Different Disciplines: Road and Track, also some cyclocross and gravel but those are not as serious for me.

Cat: Road 2, Track 3

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: INTENT was my introduction to racing bikes, I didn't know what I was getting into, when I started I thought I would be a good cyclocross racer... that is not the case.  Now my training and coaching are through INTENT as well living with INTENT is all about making my days/entire weeks intentional and well thought out so I can fit in all the things I want/need to do. I need to have a conscious thought of when I'll train, what I'll eat, or when I can take the dog out on a mountain bike ride,  INTENT to me is pretty literal and being intentional about my everyday too maximize my time.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Homebase, I feel like where ever I go in cycling INTENT will always be my cycling home.  

Pre-Race Ritual: I try to relax, put on some good music in the car, get a nice warm-up in and have a snack

When not training, Iā€™m..probably out hiking or running around with the dog trying to tire him out so he isn't running around the house all night.  

Mary Ann Sedor