Matthew Anderson

Different Disciplines: Triathlon, Crit, Hockey

Favorite Discipline: Triathlon

Cat: 5

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: I have created some amazing relationships with people that have incredible levels of talent not only racing, but in personal life. I am blessed to be able to be around such a great team with so much heart and desire in everything that they do.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Devoted

Pre-Race Ritual: I always think back to the reason why I started triathlon and that always gets the blood going and head in the game.

When not training, Iā€™m..reading a book and constantly trying to learn new things that this world has to offer. Currently I'm teaching myself how to sew with the first goal of producing my own trousers.

What do you eat after a long ride or race?: I may not be the best at diet, but my favorite meal is rice, eggs, and a meat of choice (usually chicken or bbq pork).

What made you choose to race with INTENT?: The incredible warm welcome not only from the teammates that I just met, but from Mary Ann and Rick who have such a deep aspiration for helping us become the best that we can be in racing and in personal life. The absolute drive that I saw from each and every one of the team members was just inspiring and I wanted to be a part of that.

Mary Ann Sedorteam