Michael Pero

Different Disciplines: Race mountain, road, and cyclocross

Favorite Discipline: Mountain

Cat: Mountain-cat 3        Road-cat 5 Cross-cat 4

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: Taking ownership for my actions in everything that I do.  I alone am in charge of the inputs or the process and whatever happens beyond that, well…at least I know that I put forth 100% and I have no regrets.  I choose to live my life in a manner that will better the lives of others, to pay it forward, and to ensure I am setting a good example for my sons.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Passion

Pre-Race Ritual: Humming “Nobody solves a problem like Maria” to myself.

When not training, I’m..Spending time with my family (wife and two sons).  We love to ride bikes, go kayaking, race trucks, do puzzles, play board games, and travel as much as possible.

What do you eat after a long ride or race?: Big glass (or three) of chocolate milk and rice.  Sometimes a bacon double cheeseburger joins the party.

What made you choose to race with INTENT?: Showing up to a race and seeing a teammate…can’t get any better.  The support before and during the race is amazing. Whether a cat 1 or a cat 5, everyone is respectful to the members on the team.  Having a tent with heat during the latter part of cross season is great.

Mary Ann Sedor