Steven Bromiel

Different Disciplines: Crits

Favorite Discipline: Crits

Cat: 2

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: Living with INTENT means winter training in Malibu, racing hard with teammates, piling up in the car or air b&b to go smash the out of town race, but most of all it means continuous growth and being satisfied with 'good enough'.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Edgy

Pre-Race Ritual: 'Critical sleep night' is probably the closest thing I have to a ritual. I always try to get a couple extra hours of sleep 2 nights before an event.

When not training, Iā€™m..Trying to learn something new, I'm kind of a nerd for new technology, science, and product design.

What do you eat after a long ride or race?: You can never go wrong with a burrito, but I have any dark chocolate is my weakness.

What made you choose to race with INTENT?: Rick and MA are two of the best people I know. Their passion and dedication is infectious and it's clear that their values run deep within the team.

Mary Ann Sedor