Bryan McClaran

Different Disciplines: CX, gravel, road, general tomfoolery

Favorite Discipline: Gravel for the views, cross for the company

Cat: 4

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: Actually giving a shit about why I’m doing what I do.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Love

Pre-Race Ritual: Coffee, at least three trips to “get down to race weight”, some stretching and riding to warm up, shot of whiskey to calm the nerves...

When not training, I’m.. working. I work a lot.

What do you eat after a long ride or race?: Burgers are the go-to. Thai food is a close second.

What made you choose to race with INTENT?: The love and support I felt from Rick & MA. The fact that they happily accepted someone who is very much not a typical cyclist in terms of fitness level. They had a tent when it was rainy and cold.

Mary Ann Sedor