Chris Witek

Different Disciplines: Track, Road, Mountain

Favorite Discipline: Track

Cat: Track Cat 3, Road Cat 4

What does living with INTENT mean to you?: I use it as a reminder to do everything with purpose. Workouts, work, relationships, etc. Have a reason for the things you do and be passionate about them.

The INTENT Team in One Word: Family

Pre-Race Ritual: Breathe, remind myself what the race goals are, coffee in one form or another!

When not training, Iā€™m.. Recovering! Usually I'm at work, but I also play a little guitar. That or playing with my dog.

What do you eat after a long ride or race?: That's a long list, let's just go with the standard intent meal of Chipotle.

What made you choose to race with INTENT?: Rick's mustache.

Mary Ann Sedor